How can my clients donate? Where can I find forms and instructions?

Clients can contribute online, by wire transfer, by check, or by donating stocks or mutual funds. You can find Forms and Instructions for your clients here (link).

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Hannah Waterman by email or by phone (503) 226-3001 x107.

Is there a maximum amount my clients can donate each year?

Yes.  There is a $500,000 limit on tax credits an individual can claim on contributions per return filed.

How will my client’s contribution of stock or mutual funds be valued?

You can find our stock donation policy here (link).

Does my clients’ contribution also qualify for a deduction on their federal tax return?

We are restricted from offering tax advice. As you know, tax issues are very complicated and can vary on a case-by-case basis. Your clients should consult their tax and/or financial advisor before committing funds to the IDA Initiative or any other tax credit program. This information is not intended to offer nor held out as offering tax or investment advice to any individual or business.

Are there deadlines for donations?
Yes, donations must be received or postmarked by 11 :59 pm Pacific Standard Time on December 31st in order for your client to receive a tax credit for the corresponding year, or before available credits run out. Please check availability before donating, or contact Hannah Waterman by email or by phone (503) 226-3001 x107.

What do I do if my client has misplaced their acknowledgement letter for a previous donation? Are copies available?

We’d be happy to help. Simply have your client contact Hannah Waterman by email or phone at (503) 226-3001 x107 and we can mail and/or email your client a copy of their acknowledgement(s). Please Note: To protect our donors’ privacy, we can only send you a copy of your client’s acknowledgement letter with their written permission (an email from your client will suffice).

Can donations be earmarked for a specific person, organization or community?
We are unable to allow your client to specify a recipient for their donation. We are in your community: we now have partners offering IDAs in thirty-three of Oregon’s thirty six counties, and are still expanding to reach harder to serve communities and more rural areas.

Is there a sunset date for the tax credit?  (ask Janet for this information)

All tax credits are being reviewed by the State Legislature and have been scheduled to sunset. The Oregon IDA Tax Credit is currently scheduled for review in 2015 and to sunset on January 1, 2016. Tax credits must all be used within three years, and before December 31, 2018.