IDA Saver, Crystal Granger

Crystal Granger: A Debt-Free Education Provides a Seed to Build Generational Wealth


With the help of an IDA, Crystal Granger was able to go to college debt free, which then paved the way for her to buy a home.

Granger came across a sign inviting readers to “Earn $50 by participating in a financial health class.” She signed up for the class at Bradley Angle, an IDA partner of CASA of Oregon. At the end of the course, class participants were introduced to the IDA program. She comments, “It opened up this door that was huge for me: The life changing IDA program.”

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La Pine

For Courtney Nolta, the road to homeownership began with the support and resources of her local public housing agency. After 3 years, Nolta was successful in buying a home in La Pine in March 2020. “It changed the trajectory of my life and my mother’s life. It has to have had an impact for my son too,” she states. When we remove the barriers that Oregonians with low incomes face in finding housing they can afford, close to work and schools, we create communities where all can thrive.

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IDA Saver, Courtney Nolta, with her son
IDA saver Tanya Golden

Tanya Golden: Growing Community

North Plains

Building and sustaining a business requires a lot of support. Through the Microenterprise program at Native American and Youth Family Center (NAYA) and with help from an IDA, Tanya Golden is cultivating a business, Golden Tradition Saffron Company, that achieves her vision of work that is dignified and self-sufficient.

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Jenifer Crow: Supported Saving Leads to Resilience in the Face of Wildfire Emergency


After years of weathering struggles and an inability to pay bills, Jenifer Crow, her husband, and four children have become financially secure homeowners. Layered public services, including the federal Family Self Sufficiency program and the Oregon IDA Initiative—both of which focus on building savings habits, supported their transformation.

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IDA saver Jenifer Crow