The Oregon IDA Initiative’s statewide network of community-based providers reaches urban and rural communities in all regions of the state. Participants enroll with an IDA Provider, open a bank account with a local financial institution, and connect to financial education and resources as they save towards their goal.  

The Initiative is managed by Neighborhood Partnerships (NP), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works directly with IDA Fiduciary Organizations to administer the program across Oregon in partnership with other community-based organizations. In total, the IDA Initiative represents a statewide network of more than 50 providers that serve rural and urban communities across the state, each bringing approaches tailored to their local community.  

Below, you can find more information about the IDA’s 12 Fiduciary Organizations.  

Fiduciary Organizations

CASA of Oregon

CASA of Oregon works alongside community organizations to provide programs and resources that strengthen families’ financial wellbeing. There are four pillars of our work: 1) We partner with nonprofit organizations to develop affordable housing; 2) We help convert manufactured home parks into resident owned communities; 3) We operate a Community Loan Fund that provides financing for housing development and facility projects; 4) We offer asset building and financial capability programs across the state in collaboration with over 50 nonprofits and educational institutions. 

We have three IDA programs: 

  • Earn, Educate, Empower (E3) offers IDAs to students who attend Oregon private universities. 
  • Matched College Savings Program (MCSP) offers IDAs through participating high schools and community colleges. 
  • VIDA offers IDAs through regional nonprofits and housing authorities.

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DevNW’s mission is to create thriving, inclusive and healthy communities through quality affordable housing, financial/economic opportunity, small business development and policy change. We operate with a staff of 60 serving Lane, Linn, Benton, Lincoln, Marion, Polk, and Clackamas Counties. Each year, we serve more than 5,000 individuals and families across four program areas: Financial Wellbeing, Affordable Homes, Access to Funds and Healthy Communities. Our programs, services and real estate development are designed to help people and communities thrive. We provide education, counseling, financial tools and housing. DevNW has been a part of the IDA Initiative since 2013, first as a Fiduciary Organization and next as a Network FO; providing IDAs and supporting low-income Oregonians to develop financial skills and achieve life-changing economic goals.

Habitat for Humanity of Oregon

Habitat for Humanity of Oregon works alongside 24 Habitat for Humanity affiliates — the offices of dedicated staff and volunteers building and repairing homes across our state. We provide operational support and sustainable financial resources to build the capacity of local Habitat affiliates to better enable them to serve their communities through homeownership and repairs. Seven affiliates across the state are partnering with Habitat Oregon to connect their homeownership and repair clients and community members to IDA funding. Through financial and educational opportunities, the IDA Program offers an additional tool for Habitat offices that support individuals’ and families’ goal of homeownership.

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)

Founded by and for refugees, the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) serves the holistic needs of Oregon’s immigrants, refugees, and mainstream community members. Our mission is to welcome, serve, and empower refugees, immigrants, and people across cultures and generations to reach their full potential. As a community-based organization, IRCO empowers children, youth, families, and elders from around the world to build new lives and become self-sufficient by providing more than 200 culturally and linguistically specific or responsive social services. IDA asset building strengthens IRCO’s ability to empower immigrants and refugees to become self-sufficient. IRCO envisions a future where refugees and immigrants belong, our staff are nurtured, and all communities thrive.

Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon | Free Business Resources

Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO)

MESO seeks to improve the economic opportunities of underserved individuals through empowerment, education, and entrepreneurship for the benefit of the greater community. Our philosophy of customizing support to the needs of the business, becomes a unique partnership with each business owner, walking with them as they navigate their way to success. We help produce personalized solutions and implementable strategies, while recognizing the complex and multi-level problems experienced by entrepreneurs and offer support services in an integrated manner. The role of IDAs at MESO works alongside the Empower program which supports the IDA saver by pairing them with a business advisor for three years who meet with them at least once a month and assists with applying for the IDA program and preparing for a withdrawal.

The Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)

NAYA’s mission is to enhance the diverse strengths of our youth and families in partnership with the community through cultural identity and education. NAYA provides a strong, growing foundation of cultural wealth and resilience, and is a safe and welcoming space for Native people to self-determine solutions to community problems, practice tradition, and teach culture. NAYA’s approach is rooted in Indigenous teachings and values, backed by evidence and experience demonstrating that culturally-rooted services for economic and educational improvement. IDAs are essential for NAYA to support individuals on their path to prosperity. This program is foundational for NAYA’s effective service to the Native community in Portland. It is the primary way we can directly provide financial resources to our community members.


NeighborImpact’s mission is “Supporting People, Strengthening Communities.” NeighborImpact has become the area’s leading provider of emergency food programs, housing and homeless services, energy assistance, child care resources, early childhood education services, financial capability and asset building programs for the economically-distressed. NeighborImpact opened for business in January 1985, to serve Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson counties and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. Today, our 250+ employees offer 11 programs that serve more than 55,000 households across Central Oregon. HomeSource offers resources to help people understand, grow and protect their financial life, from their first savings to retirement. The program provides financial education, homebuyer education, home preservation, foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage and IDA matched savings.

NeighborWorks Umpqua

NeighborWorks Umpqua (NWU) is a rural-focused community development corporation committed to promoting opportunity for all and serving a four-county area in Southwest Oregon including Douglas, Coos, Curry, and Josephine Counties. NeighborWorks Umpqua works as a catalyst, empowering residents to navigate challenges, redefine their futures, and contribute to the culture of resilience that defines the communities in our rural region. Through collaborative efforts, NWU, service partners, and the residents exemplify the resilient spirit found in Oregon’s coastal and inland communities. Our wealth-building services include our Dream$avers Individual Development Account program, Economic Equity program, home repair services, and a Homeownership Center that offers pathways to home purchase and home preservation.

Portland Housing Center

Portland Housing Center believes that everyone deserves access to homeownership. We make it possible through quality homebuyer education, one-on-one guidance, financial services, and a variety of other resources – including IDA Matched Savings Accounts. PHC is a homeownership one-stop-shop providing culturally sensitive, relevant, and specific homebuying services to prepare our clients to become homeowners. Our counseling and education services guide buyers through the process of becoming mortgage-ready, while our down payment assistance programs like IDAs and deferred/forgivable loans are designed specifically to fit our clients’ unique needs. Our vetted lending and Realtor partners complete a comprehensive homebuying team designed to expand access to homeownership for low- and moderate-income first time homebuyers from underserved communities. We’ve helped more than 10,000 families become successful, financially secure homeowners.

Project Youth+

Project Youth+ prepares low-income, first-generation and underrepresented youth to thrive in school, careers and life. We use resilience-development strategies personalized to meet the strengths, preferences, and challenges of each individual. Advisors work with 6th-12th graders and provide long-term school outreach services year-round to build healthy relationships, promote academic excellence, introduce key success skills, and facilitate interactive group activities grade-by-grade. We also offer internships, paid work experience, GED preparation, and soft skills training to youth ages 14-24. Our +Accounts Program (IDA) is offered to those students who are enrolled in our overall organization and are primarily offered to those students who attend one of our contracted schools in Jackson, Josephine and S. Douglas counties; but are available to any enrolled and qualified PY+ youth.

Warm Springs Community Action Team (WSCAT)

WSCAT is a community development organization located on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. Our mission is to promote community development in Warm Springs by empowering individuals and groups of people to realize their potential, become self-reliant, and affect positive change for themselves, their families, and their community. We do this through asset building, education for personal and professional development, small business promotion, and workforce development. The IDA program is our largest program and overlaps with all our other programs.