Oregon Housing and Community Services Department provides leadership and oversight to the Oregon IDA Initiative. The Oregon Department of Revenue oversees the tax credit aspects of the program for the state.

The Initiative is managed by Neighborhood Partnerships, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Neighborhood Partnerships works directly with contributors and accepts all donations on behalf of the Initiative. Contributions are eligible for an Oregon IDA Tax Credit

Neighborhood Partnerships allocates funds statewide to a network of Initiative Partners, who then work in a variety of ways with dozens of other non-profit and tribal organizational partners to bring the IDA Initiative into all corners of the state. 

Ten Fiduciary Organizations (FOs) work directly with the Oregon IDA Initiative and Neighborhood Partnerships to bring IDAs to communities across Oregon.

Fiduciary Organizations

Community and Shelter Assistance Corporation of Oregon (CASA)

Deeply rooted in service to farmworkers, CASA of Oregon improves lives in underserved communities by building and renovating affordable housing and neighborhood facilities and providing programs and resources that increase families’ financial well-being. CASA of Oregon offers IDA program administration through three networks: E3 College Savings Plan, VIDA Savings for Life, and the Matched College Savings Program (MCSP).


devnw logo


(formerly NEDCO)

DevNW’s mission is to grow vibrant Northwest communities by empowering the region’s individuals, families, small businesses, and neighborhoods. To open doors to progress and equity and opportunity—and keep them open. To stand beside our neighbors—beside you—and walk through whichever door you choose, together.


Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)

The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) serves the holistic needs of Oregon’s immigrants, refugees and mainstream community members. As a community-based organization, we empower children, youth, families and elders from around the world to build new lives and become self-sufficient by providing more than 200 culturally and linguistically specific social services. 


Mercy Corps Northwest (MCNW)

Mercy Corps is a global organization fighting the world’s toughest problems. We put bold ideas into action to transform lives and create lasting change. We believe that communities around the globe can develop entrepreneurial solutions to any problem, no matter how intractable, when connected with the right resources. At Mercy Corps Northwest we embody this mission by working together to build just, productive and resilient communities across the Pacific Northwest. 


Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO)

MESO’s mission is to elevate and empower historically excluded and under resourced entrepreneurs with tailored business assistance and flexible capital to build family wealth through small business ownership.


The Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)

NAYA Family Center strives to fulfill its mission: “to enhance the diverse strengths of our youth and families in partnership with the community through cultural identity and education.” As an urban Indian agency, NAYA Family Center impacts the lives of over 10,000 individuals from over 380 tribal backgrounds annually. 


NeighborWorks Umpqua (NWU)

NeighborWorks Umpqua is a rural-focused housing and community development corporation committed to promoting opportunity for all. We will do this by providing quality housing, community development, property management, financial services, education, and advocacy in order to attain economic, social and environmental sustainability, and equity. 


Portland Housing Center (PHC)

PHC makes homeownership possible through quality home buyer education, one-on-one guidance, financial services, and a variety of other resources for Portland-area residents. We’ve helped more than 7,000 families become successful, financially secure homeowners. We prepare you for the challenges, and guide you throughout the home-buying process. We offer mortgages with fixed interest rates, low down payments, and assistance with down payment and closing costs. 


Project Youth+

(formerly College Dreams)

Project Youth+ prepares low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented youth to thrive in school, college, and careers. We use resilience-development strategies that are personalized to meet the strengths, preferences, and challenges of each individual.


Warm Springs Community Action Team (WSCAT)

WSCAT’s mission is to promote community development in Warm Springs by empowering individuals and groups of people to realize their potential, become self-reliant, and affect positive change for themselves, their families, and their community.