The Oregon IDA Initiative brings state resources to support financial stability and wealth building among Oregonians with lower incomes, working to ensure an equitable and statewide impact in communities historically and systemically excluded from economic opportunities.

Savers use IDA matching money to increase the power of their own savings to reach self-determined financial goals.

The coalition of providers that make up the IDA Initiative work alongside savers to address the needs and visions coming from communities most impacted by an inequitable economy. IDA Providers partner with savers by offering community-based support, information about financial systems, and matching money.

On behalf of Oregon’s Department of Housing and Community Services and Department of Revenue, the statewide nonprofit Neighborhood Partnerships (NP) manages funds, leads the strategic direction of the Initiative, evaluates outcomes, and supports the IDA-related work of partner organizations. NP works directly with contributors and accepts all donations on behalf of the Initiative. Contributions are eligible for an Oregon IDA Tax Credit