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You are eligible for an IDA if:

  • You are an Oregon resident.
  • You are at least 12 years old.
  • Your household income is below the IDA Income LimitsClick here to see in detail what is considered income for IDA eligibility.
  • The net worth owned by your household is below $20,000 (Net worth is the value of what you own minus what you have in debts. For IDA eligibility, the value and debt of one owned home and one owned car and up to $120,000 in retirement savings may be excluded from the eligibility calculation). Click here to see in detail what must be reported for household net worth upon application.
  • You can commit to setting aside money on a regular basis (for a minimum of 6 months).
  • You are willing to work with an IDA Provider to complete additional requirements included in a personal savings plan, including financial education.

Note: IDA providers have calculators they must use to make a final decision on income and net worth. Providers may also have additional eligibility criteria you must meet in order to qualify for their program. See our Search Tool to find a provider to help you apply.

IDAs are funded through an Oregon State Tax Credit, and there is a limit to the funds that are available each year. Some Providers may not be taking new applications at this time, while others might have a waitlist you could get on.

More questions about IDAs? See our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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