Many organizations in Oregon and around the country are dedicated to increasing the financial resilience of households. Here’s more about national leaders in this field.

Prosperity Now

Picture of tea from Young Mountain Tea being poured into small cup
Young Mountain Tea being poured into a cup. Young Mountain Tea is an IDA-supported business.

The Oregon IDA Initiative is pleased to partner with Prosperity Now (formerly CFED) which empowers low- and moderate-income households to build and preserve assets by advancing policies and programs that help them achieve the American Dream, including buying a home, pursuing higher education, starting a business and saving for the future. As a leading source for data about household financial security and policy solutions, Prosperity Now understands what families need to succeed. Prosperity Now promotes programs on the ground and invest in social enterprises that create pathways to financial security and opportunity for millions of people

We work with Prosperity Now primarily through their Assets for Opportunity Network and the Prosperity Now Scorecard. We also value their leadership on research and best practices.

New America Foundation Asset Building Program

The New America Foundation’s Asset Building program provides critical research and analysis to guide the future of the field.

Cities for Financial Empowerment

Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) brings together pioneering municipal governments from across the country that have begun to use their power and positions to advance innovative financial empowerment initiatives. Already, their members have made tangible and measurable commitments to supporting financial empowerment programming in their cities, and are now joining together to both teach and learn from one another.