Thank you for your interest in donating to the Oregon IDA Initiative! Below you will find important information and steps on how to make your donation.

Important Information for Donors

How to donate

Step 1: Please complete the online Oregon IDA Tax Credit Donor Form. If you would prefer to fill out a physical Donor Form and mail it to us, you can download the form here.

Please keep in mind: We don’t receive any donor information with your stock donation, so it’s important to complete this form so we can attribute your stock donation to you and expediate your tax receipt.

Step 2: Transfer the securities from your account to the brokerage account for Neighborhood Partnerships (NP) at Piper Sandler.

DTC: 0443
Piper Sandler
Account #T51019080
Neighborhood Partnerships

Please Note: Transfers to the Neighborhood Partnerships brokerage account are completed through the DTC system. Not all securities are eligible to be transferred via the DTC system. Consult your brokerage firm or holding company to confirm that transfers through the DTC system are available.

If your securities are not eligible to be transferred through the DTC system, your donation will take additional time to process. Contact Adam Lewis by email or phone (541-207-8802) as soon as possible to see whether alternate arrangements can be made.

Step 3: Stocks or mutual funds are sold following completion of the transfer. The sale price will establish the final contribution value and the value of Oregon tax credits purchased. A receipt will be sent to you within 1 – 2 weeks of the transfer. For a copy of our stock donation policy containing more detail on valuation of stocks, please contact Adam Lewis by email or phone (541-207-8802).

The Neighborhood Partnerships federal tax ID # is 91-1943624.

Questions? Contact: Adam Lewis by email or phone: 541-207-8802.

We must receive wired fund transfers into our account by December 31, 2022 or before available tax credits are sold out for the year, whichever comes first. Because this process changes based on your financial institution, we encourage donors to purchase credits with ample time before credits sell out.