Oregon IDA InitiativeOregon IDA Initiative

Impact & Policy

Oregon IDA Initiative

The Oregon IDA Initiative is making a difference in Oregon communities, building financial resilience, and creating pathways to prosperity.

Our stories of participant success highlight both individual and community impacts of the Initiative.

Partners in the Initiative are committed to consistent data collection and evaluation to gauge our collective impact. We work together to develop, refine, and implement tested and effective practices. We offer training to partners and opportunities to share our expertise with one another at regular intervals throughout the year.

IDAs are a recognized tool in a broader strategy to improve household financial resilience. Research and innovation across the country help us to continue to refine IDA delivery as well as other aspects of strong approaches to working with individuals and communities.

Learn more about the history and growth of the IDA Initiative, our impact and evaluation, and stories about the Initiative and its participants.  Download the Oregon IDA Initiative fact sheet and asset building resources.