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It’s time to get your IDA Video Contest submissions in! The deadline is Oct. 9. And don’t forget, the winning current or graduated IDA participant and IDA provider that refers the participant each receive $250.

We asked last year’s winner and videographer, Ime N. Etuk if he had any advice. Here’s what he said:

First think about the message you want to convey. Think about the style that you want to convey it in. Put yourself in the place of the audience. How do you want people to feel when they watch your video? What do you want people to think? Think about what would catch your attention. Too often we create things for people without really putting ourselves in the shoes of the audience.

Write out a rough idea of what you would like to do. Don’t focus on making it short, just yet. My process was to do something that would visually tell the story like a short film, but use music because people listen to words in music and putting something to a good tune is memorable. Again, think about the type of commercials and media that speaks to you. Once I knew I wanted to tell the story of the challenges of being an entrepreneur and the great benefit of MESO/IDA I had a direction.

Then make a shot list of what shots are needed to tell your story. It’s very possible you’ll have more story and shots than you could comfortably fit into 60 seconds — that’s ok. Now lay it out and think about what parts of the story must be present for your story to be told, and what parts, if taken out, wouldn’t cause confusion for your audience.

Then no matter how much you may love those pieces that the audience doesn’t need – take them out. I know it may be a cool shot or something that you love, but if it doesn’t take tell the story it’s gotta go. Now with what you have left, find the most creative way to present it. Keep refining until you’re happy.

You can get great examples of Ime’s work on his website: http://www.lclentertainment.com/

IDA Video Contest Deadline is Friday, Oct 9

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