As you know, the IDA Evaluation rolled out a new Data Dictionary last year, which lists the Outcome Tracker fields that are used by NP.  We’ve made a few minor edits, and tracked changes so you can see what’s new. You can find it on the IDA Provider’s Toolbox.

These are the changes:

Page 1–Some notes about blank data and when participants decline to provide data. Additional guidelines will be proposed in a SOP.

Page 1–Exit data and an Exit Financial Capability Scale does not need to be completed for participants who exit because they are transferring to another FO.

Page 4—Foster Youth—defined as the participant was in foster care between the ages of 12-21.  If a participant is age 26 or older, you may select Unknown/Decline to Answer.

Page 6—Some clarifications to the Education-specific questions at intake.

Page 11—Income—Clarification that either “Public Benefits Certifying Eligibility” or “Total Household Income” needs to be entered, based on which method is used to qualify the participant. Adds a few values to the Public Benefits Certifying Eligibility, in line with the new policy.

Page 12—Financial Capabilities Scale (FCS)—When entering the date of the FCS, enter the date the participant completed the scale.

Page 17—A new field will be added, to note if the participant exits the program before completing financial education.

Two of these changes require changes to Outcome Tracker: adding new values to “Public Benefits Certifying Eligibility” (Page 11) and adding the field about whether the participant exited before completing financial education (Page 17). We will ask Vistashare to make these changes to your system on Friday, April 13. We ask that you consider and make changes to your paper forms related to these items by that date.

Our NP evaluator, Amy Stuczynski, will be holding a Webinar to review these changes in early April.  The webinar is optional.  It will review the data dictionary and the data cleanup process.  Watch for a doodle poll to help schedule the webinar.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Amy. At the March FO meeting, we intend to review a new SOP related to handling situations when a participant declines to provide data. We can also discuss the other changes as necessary.



Evaluation Update: Outcome Tracker Data Dictionary, Upcoming Webinar, and Data Cleanup