Neighborhood Partnerships (NP) and Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) are pleased to make at minimum $10,000,000.00 available to fund continuing Oregon IDA Program services for the 2022-23 program year. These funds are made possible through the sale of the Oregon IDA Tax Credit, and a one-time general fund allocation in the 2021 Oregon budget for Oregon Housing and Community Services. 

NP and OHCS will be offering funding only to current Fiduciary Organizations (FOs). A full list of current FOs can be found here 

This funding opportunity has two elements: $9.2 million in core funding for IDA Fiduciary Organizations in good standing, and a request for proposals for additional funding to support expansion of the reach of IDAs geographically and among under-represented BIPOC communities.  

Requests will be reviewed on the assumption that FOs’ IDA programs and organizations are remaining substantially the same as in the current 2021-22 program year. Any significant changes to IDA programs or organizational capacity should be included in your proposal. 

All requests will be evaluated based on information submitted, data from Outcome Tracker on match utilization and allocation, as well as scoring based on ongoing contract management data and information. Scoring encompasses three equally weighted sections: 

NP and OHCS assessments always include demonstrated capacity to meet existing standards of excellence in compliance and alignment with authorizing statute, Standard Operating Procedures, and state systems and priorities. These include:  

RFP submissions are due no later than Friday, March 4, 2022 by 5PM. NP will make one-on-one interviews available to any organizations that would like to discuss questions or opportunities offered by this year’s RFP. You will receive an invitation to schedule under separate cover.  

2022 IDA RFP Snapshot

This is an unusual RFP. This visual is to help you navigate. Successful submissions require that you review the complete RFP and support materials prior to beginning your proposal. As you work through the word version of the RFP all sections that need to answered and submitted will be highlighted blue to further aid navigation.