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2017 Request for Proposals

In 2016, Neighborhood Partnerships was successful in raising additional funding for the Oregon IDA Initiative’s 2017-18 contract year through the Oregon IDA Tax Credit. We are excited to announce that the total amount of funds available to grant for the upcoming program year is $10,125,000. This is an increase of $775,000 over last year.

2017 Request for Proposals (RFP)

Through this funding process, Neighborhood Partnerships (NP) and Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) will be awarding grants to only nonprofit or tribal organizations currently offering IDAs through the Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative. We will not review applications for new Fiduciary Organizations (FOs), and new providers will only be considered if partnering with a current FO. A full list of our current FOs may be found here. All partners should be aware that organizations can only maintain a current IDA provider status through one FO at a time.

Please note that all applications will be reviewed based on Initiative standards of excellence in program performance. Information will be drawn from sources that include but are not limited to: on-site annual reviews, quarterly reporting, evaluation reports and data, and ongoing technical assistance with NP. These items will be reviewed along with your application to determine how the FO is meeting the Initiative’s standard of excellence and helping us meet other state goals. You are welcome to include discussion on those items, but it is not necessary to go into depth on things with which NP and OHCS are already well versed (i.e. existing program models or structures).

These standards of excellence and state goals include:

State Policy Priorities

  • Collaborations with other state resources, partnerships, systems and/or structures that align with asset building and financial capability efforts; and
  • Alignment with Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) and the Governor’s priorities, particularly efforts to equitably serve underserved communities.

Exceeding Initiative Standards

  • Collaboration, resource sharing, and aligning asset-building efforts among multiple organizations;
  • Efficient and maximum usage of funds, including but not limited to technological advances; and
  • Projects that have the potential to benefit the entire Oregon IDA Initiative (i.e. lessons that could be shared or replicated).

Proposals are due no later than Wednesday, February 8th by 5PM.

Please submit one copy of the following attachments via email to jjunke@neighborhoodpartnerships.org.

There is a limit of one application per FO.

Awards will be announced by a scheduled phone call on or before March 17, 2017.

Your entire application should be less than ten (10) pages and include:

  1. A cover sheet, specifying the associated FO and primary point of contact for the application;
  2. Responses to the RFP questions, not to exceed eight (8) single-sided and single-spaced pages; and
  3. A budget form detailing your plans to use the Match, Program, and Administrative funds associated with your award.

NP or OHCS may request additional information during the application review process.  Please note that supplemental materials other than those specified above will not be reviewed. All proposals must be eligible pursuant to Statute and Administrative Rules pertinent to the Oregon IDA Initiative, ORS 458.670-700 and OAR 813-300 et seq.

Associated timelines:

  • January 11thRFP released to partners
  • February 8th – Proposals due by 5pm
  • February 9th-March 16th – Proposals reviewed by OHCS and NP
  • March 17th – Award decisions finalized
  • March 20th-31st – Complete work plans and budgets, FOs work with contract managers to finalize contracts
  • April 1st – Awards and contracts effective, new program year begins

If you have any questions, please direct them to:

Jessica Junke, Director of Economic Opportunity
Neighborhood Partnerships
2501 SW First Ave, Suite 120
Portland, OR 97201

Direct: 503-226-3001 x 109